It's no longer darkness on the edge of town...


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From MSNBC "News":

BRIAN WILLIAMS: Donny, I don't want to end dark, but I'm going to have to. And, that is to say that when you’re on deadline White House with Nicole Wallace at four in the afternoon, you are often one of the voices that reminds the table and reminds the viewers beyond, exactly how bad things are in your view and exactly how dark we've gotten. But like the frog boiling experiment, it hasn't felt like that. It would feel like that if we took a vacation on the moon and came back. So the question, how dark are things right now to you?

DONNY DEUTSCH [Host, “Saturday Night Politics”]: Very, very dark. And I want to say this with no exaggeration. If you look throughout history and you become a student of history and the worst of what humans have done throughout history, Trump is using that play book in every way you possibly can. You start with creating an “other”. You get enough rich people to look the other way and that's how you get power. And what you do is obviously destroy the credibility of a press. You get a judicial system that is no longer independent. You start to blur separation of powers. And we should be very frightened. It is not just saying, “Oh, authoritarian tendencies.” I believe this man is capable of horrific deeds. I'm not saying specifically what that is, but let your imagination go.

Do not kid yourself. If he gets voted out of office, he will say it was fake. He will say the polls were rigged. He will tell his people to take to the streets. People have to understand this is not a man who is playing with any boundaries on what a normal civilization and normal democracy has. I use the word sociopath and I know you’re not supposed to use psychological terms. But — and Michael Cohen who stood by his side for ten years, the last thing he said when he spoke to Congress was ‘He will not go softly’. So, the Democrats better get this one right.


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Donny Douche. I had a friend who worked for him and she said he's a flaming POS.

No wonder the progbots are so hysterical and foaming at the mouth, listening to this crap. MSNBC should be forced off the air.