They just announced on the Weather Channel that Ivan had the second most amount of twisters produced from a tropical energy on landfall in the record books. I knew it was going to be bad last night but not THAT bad. I was driving home and WTOP was off the air and I went to nearby 107.3 and they had viewers of these tornadoe's calling in live.... was anyone else listening to this and shaking their heads?? :shrug:
It went like this....

Caller Bob: Hi!! There's a tornado and it's on the ground at [whatever area] and it just went back up in the cloud.... wow!! It's down again...

DJ: Where are you at Bob!!!

Caller Bob: I'm in a parking lot.

DJ: You need to seek shelter now go into [cut off by Bob]

Caller Bob: Wow it just hit an AOL tower!!

DJ: Where's it heading?

Caller Bob: Towards the parking lot.

DJ: You need to go [cut off again]

Caller Bob: Wow its picking up carts

DJ: So it has Debris??

Caller Bob: [static]


DJ: We have Tina on the line from Potomac

Tina: There's a tornado on the ground!!! It just went into the Lake towards the bridge.

DJ: What Lake?

Tina: Senaca Lake in Potomac Maryland... Oh my Gosh it's in the water towards the bridge

DJ: Where are you calling from Tina?

Tina: I'm in my car on the bridge. [Said in a matter of fact and calm voice]

DJ: Turn around and get off the bridge, immediately!!!

Tina: It's ok, you said drive to nearest shelter and my house is a couple miles past the bridge.

DJ: Tina, you need to turn around and get off the bridge.

Tina: [static]

All I could do was just shake my head and wonder about folks sometimes. With the other callers, the DJ was kind of funny -- kind of like, seek shelter... now!! Wait report it... seek shelter now!!! what's going on? seek shelter now!! What's going on now?? It was like he couldn't make up his mind because he wanted to scoop but he didn't want anyone hurt :ohwell:
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