Jack's in Rehab



PASADENA, California (CNN) -- Jack Osbourne, the 17-year-old son of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, is undergoing rehab for marijuana and alcohol use, the family's publicist said Tuesday.

Publicist Lisa Vega said Jack checked himself into a center "last week sometime." It was not immediately known how long he will be at the facility at this time.

Vega said Jack had apparently gone to his parents to tell them he needed help with his addiction, and that both parents were with him when he checked himself in.

Ozzy and Sharon are "proud of his decision and commend him for making it," Vega said.

Jack was caught with marijuana in an episode of "The Osbournes," the hit reality show that follows the travails of the rock 'n' roll family.

In an interview on MTV's Web site, he said his parents met with him afterward and said needed to "start taking things more serious. You know, life in general more serious."

Ozzy Osbourne says on the MTV site that "Jack's been busted a few times smoking a joint," and that he is "brutally honest" in telling his children to stay away from drugs.

"To be a parent, especially to rock 'n' roll kids, I think being a parent is the most difficult job on the face of the earth," Ozzy says. "You hate to say things that will upset your kids, but then sometimes you have to because you can't let them run around wild."

The hard rocker adds, "I was the worst kid on the face of the earth. If you wanted me to do something, just tell me not to do it."