Japanese Beetles


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Those things are completly annoying...I know they will not leave my moms garden alone...all of the broccoli died because of them!! grr! And her carrots are being tarroized by the rabbits....
just moved from Ohio, and I used the bag a bug from Lowes, hang it on a tree about 10 feet away and it is suprising to watch them fly right into the bag, also use ortho's viotex(sp) spray it not only kills them but also soaks into the plant and keep them away for a while, hope this helps


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Originally posted by Sharon
They're here --and they're hungry. :burning: Aaaaarrgghhh! Either feed them or kill them,

Aren't you risking a PETA attack with that statement???


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I second the Sevin (ha! I made a funny). You just have to remember to reapply it after a good rain.


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I've been using Isotox on my roses this year and it's working pretty well. I also skipped the bags and the number of beetles has been reduced to about 1/3 of what I used to get. I won't be buying those things anymore.

Although with the heat and lack of rain most of my back garden is stripped bare to the wood. Here I was worried about the beetles and "Bambi" came along and stripped the leaves off of all my rose plants and morning glories.