curiouser and curiouser
pixiegirl said:
Richmond is not that far. I like the Silver jeans a lot. Plain like I like. 33" and 35" inseams are just what I need too! 33" for tennis shoes and small heels and 35" for regular heels!
I love my Silver jeans, they're very comfy. The BKE's are pretty comfy too though. :yay:


Cleopatra Jones
K_Jo said:
Mine don't have any crap on them. I don't need to draw any more attention to that area. :lol:

Good thing, else Chasey and I would be talking smack about you like we do about Kwillia and her pink clogs. :lmao:


Salt Life
Chasey_Lane said:
But at least they were the tacky pink plastic clogs. :smile:
And they look very cute on you, too.


I am so very blessed
pixiegirl said:
:yikes: What's up with the pockets? I stopped by Penny's yesterday and got two pairs of Industrial Cotton Jeans. They fit wonderfully but have ugly embroidery on the back pockets. I like plain, plain jeans. Since the fit was so good and I typically have suce a hard time with jeans I bought two pairs. I must have tried on 10 different pairs of jeans. :faint:
Pick up a $1.25 seam ripper from Wal-Mart (in the sewing section) and use it to take out the embroidery on the pockets. :biggrin: