Jimmy Heyward: The Young American Patriot


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In a country where patriotism is under assault by woke left-wing institutions, it’s truly special when someone so young expresses their love for the United States.

Jimmy Heyward, a 7th-grade student in California, became an internet sensation after Libs of TikTok shared a video of him delivering an inspirational and patriotic campaign speech for the position of “Commissioner of Patriotism & School Spirit” at his school.

However, when his school principal Mary Flock reviewed his speech, she claimed that it was too patriotic and demanded that Jimmy remove all mention of patriotism from his speech. When he refused, Jimmy was denied the ability to read his speech to the student body and was forced to sit on stage as others gave theirs.



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Although it is ironic that a speech to campaign for the position for Commissioner of Patriotism & School Spirit - is too patriotic - I am not sure I disagree with the edit. At least, the part tangentially pointing to disrespecting law enforcement or the National Anthem. The margin comments bring up a salient point - you're addressing 4-7th graders, not adults.

When I first read about this, I KNEW there was more to the story.