Joe Biden is ‘coming apart before our eyes’


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"Maybe he's putting on an act." I've said that my own bad self.

Sky News host James Morrow says the world got an up-close look at Joe Biden, and it appears the US President is “coming apart before our eyes”. “The occasion for this examination was the annual meeting of the UN General Assembly in New York when the world’s leaders gather at that great temple of uselessness that is the United Nations,” he said. Mr Morrow analysed some recent examples of President Biden’s blunders, including a “bizarre moment” when, during a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, he made the “sign of the cross”. “Meanwhile, Kamala Harris – the woman whose mere existence as Vice President makes the secret service’s job so easy – well, she’s just making friends everywhere she goes,” Mr Morrow said. “At this point, I have to wonder, is this whole shambling, stuttering, clumsy Biden routine ... could it be that there’s something else entirely going on?