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:yeahthat: I "dropped in" on all the area kennels before making my choice.

One of which, that has been recommended in this tread, was horrible in real life. When I got there, they were rude at first and said they didn't have time to show me around and I'd have to make an appointment, and I said fine but I wasn't doing that I'd just leave, but then somebody else said they would walk me through. First thing I noticed was how unbearbly hot it was. This was a place that advertised a/c. The dogs were crying and whining and cramped up into little cages and it was so freaking hot. The smell of urine was overpowering. I asked if their a/c was out and they said they didn't use it because of the individual dog runs, but not every dog had an individual dog run. This place also advertised that every dog got a bed, and I did not see a single one the entire walk through. All the dogs were just miserable - it looked like a freaking puppy mill or hoarder thing on the news, and my heart was breaking. When I left, an owner was picking up their dog and the dog was lunging and crying and just begging to go home. The owner said "oh he just loves it here". It didn't appear that way to me.

Pretty sure I know the place, right near me. I would never board my dogs their for the life of me. They would probably be better off at home unsupervised. I am surprised when people suggest it, I am like gosh I would never.


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Then go and do drop in inspections before committing to a kennel. That's my recommendation.

We definitely will, but if someone has some information to share that directly impacts the health and well-being of our pets, I would hope they would share that.


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I could bad mouth businesses, but they might have changed owners, management, employees or practices since I visited.

Since you are the one responsible for placing your pet at a kennel, you are the one responsible for making the time to do drop in visits to see if the kennels are appropriate for you / your pet.