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..if momma ain't happy...
Oh no, Sporty, I like to wait at least 2 months before I try something new.

Taking a friend for a birthday dinner, guess we'll go to SALT, I know that is good.


..if momma ain't happy...
I had fried cabbage over rice with sauteed shrimp. Very tasty.

The owner was our waitress, very nice and attentive.

Had fresh fried onion rings with their bang bang sauce. Very good, highly recommend them.

Pizza looked so-so.

Would go back and try the rockfish.

Hope she makes a go of the place.


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I looked at their menu on FB and it looked pretty good, and the redecoration is super cute.


the poor dad
Took the wife and aunt to Kimara’s this week. Was not what I was expecting but was very good. Would go back again if already in the area but Leonardtown just isn’t in our rotation of restaurants. Probably the same driving distance as Solomons but will always head over the bridge before heading north on 5.


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please tell me she replaced the carpets from Kevin's 🤮 I really liked Kevin's but couldn't keep going. It always stunk like old fish and I blame those nasty carpets. They looked decades old, were squishy and usually wet, and absolutely reeked.