Koch Responsible for More Deaths Than Bin Laden or Saddam


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This is straight-up alternative reality stuff brought on by adhering to a political philosophy that's built on a foundation of intolerance, which progressivism is.
Willis wrote for Media Matters for America before he got the Shareblue gig, and both were started by David Brock. Willis gets paid to deliver nonsensical venom like this, because progressives' thirst for hatred is never sated.

What is even more disturbing is the fact that Willis actually believes this insanity.

The leftists' lust for hegemony requires them to demonize all who oppose them politically, no matter how much reality has to be distorted to do so. They are so effective at this that even the media people who craft the false narratives begin to believe the fiction.

The progressive caricatures of the Koch brothers over the years have been more wrong than most. Without fail, they're portrayed in the MSM as far-right conservatives, although their politics have always been very libertarian. Both were supportive of same-sex marriage long before it became law, and both had become almost as disenchanted with the GOP as they were with the Democrats, especially after Mitt Romney tanked the 2012 election.



God bless the USA
Obama's Presidency turned them into Rabid haters of the America we should love.
Not insane, just infected with the disease of liberalism and political correctness.
And, the power of it all; even if it is wrong. God bless the USA.