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Don't Believe the Media Senate Psych-Out - We’ll Win Big

What matters is that gas costs $6 a gallon. What matters is that parents are tired of little Jimmy coming home from his unionized public school, and announcing that he is now Stacy and that his accursed penis is a tool of white supremacy. What matters is that about half of Latinx Americans are just not having any of this nonsense and are treating the Democrats' demographic wishcasting like Eric Swalwell treats his boxer shorts.

You will hear nothing from the regime media for the next hundred days until the general election except how the GOP is doomed, dying, and done for. It’s a psy-op, and a cheesy one. But it’s all they’ve got. The Democrats know that unless they can disillusion and demoralize us into giving up, they are on the way to the electoral woodchipper. That’s why you will see MSM polling about how our candidates just can’t win. Believe nothing. Remember the one in 2020 showing how Trump was down 17 in Wisconsin? If you believe any polls, I have a slightly used-unicorn to sell you - his name is Chet and he enjoys long walks and interpretative dance.

We can’t let them get us down. We got this. That’s not just talk. The correlation of forces favors us. History teaches us that midterm elections are almost always a festival o’ failure for the party in power. And you combine historical trends with a president whose policies are political monkeypox and you have a red tsunami. Of course, some durwood candidate who maybe is a witch, or hears voices, or who likes to tie up his girlfriends in the basement and get caught, can blow a sure thing. But we seemed to have avoided them this time. All our people have to do to win the Senate majority is not actively screw up.

Let’s go through some of the races, shall we?


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Civilization Cannot Exist Without Righteous Retribution

Imposing order means harshness. It requires that actual criminals be treated with the swift, sudden, and relentless force that today only people who pray at abortion mills or who take selfies in the Capitol receive. Their treatment by the garbage feds demonstrates that law enforcement knows how to crack down. It’s just that the crackdown should be on actual criminals instead of the political enemies of the Biden regime. Cleaning up law enforcement is another topic and another column, or even a whole book. But one thing that must happen is empowering the properly led and directed police to go after the bad people like they today go after the good people. The Soros DAs must be purged. The restraints on policing thugs must come off. We must collectively shrug when a video shows cops capping or kicking the ass of some degenerate, and if there is a riot then that riot must be crushed. We did that in Los Angeles in 1992 – it is a matter of will.

That is the thing – public order and safety are a matter of will. We know how to do it; we’ve done it. We just have to choose to do it again and reject the whining and wailing of those who benefit politically from letting criminals run rampant. You know, Democrats.

And we inevitably will make that choice. It’s human nature; people can only be pushed so far before they either push back themselves or rally behind someone who ruthlessly will. There is going to be a backlash. The question is what kind there will be. I propose a purposeful, conscious backlash where society says “Enough” and uses the present justice system and structures to stamp out crime. But if that does not happen, then there will be a harsher backlash, one that could easily spin out of control into excess. That’s when civilization starts falling apart. Remember the olden days, when there was no crime in mafia neighborhoods because if you tried to mug Mrs. Andolini on her way home from mass the cops found you in the trunk of a Buick parked in New Jersey divided into twelve pieces?

Tough but fair. Yet, the reaction to come might not be so relatively orderly and focused. It’s not a problem for you or me, since we’re not criminals, but it might get out of control. Yet that’s still better than normal people living in fear.

Choose wisely. Choose to stop tolerating this chaos.


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The 2024 Race Is Already Underway

Last Sunday afternoon I got bored – you can only slap around so many Twitter pinko blue checks before it gets monotonous – and I decided to toss a match into a barrel of high-octane gasoline. I tweeted “Okay, let's do this thing. Who do you hardcore patriots want to see win the GOP 2024 nomination right this minute, knowing you can change your mind as the primary progresses...” Then I listed the poll choices and set it to run for two hours. I expected a few hundred results, and for the former president to come in ahead of the pack.

That did not happen. In just two short hours, 14,713 people voted in the poll and the responses were shocking:

  • President Donald J. Trump - 32.6%
  • Governor Ron DeSantis - 64.1%
  • Another based GOPer - 1.8%
  • Liz Cheney or her ilk - 1.6%

Perhaps the most stunning part was that 1.6% of the people following me on Twitter supported Liz Cheney, Larry Hogan, or some other Never Trump dork. But the fact that nearly two-thirds of the poll voters picked Ron DeSantis over Donald Trump was pretty amazing too.

Now, these people are not soft Republicans. These are not moderate invertebrates. These are not cruise ship cons. My timeline is predominantly hardcore folks who generally like Donald Trump. They think he did a pretty good job as president. They think the last election was flawed. They will vote for him if he wins the nomination without hesitation. But only three in ten put him as their first choice for the Republican nomination in 2024.