Last Chance U


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Anyone here watch this series or even better, a fan of the show?

I watched 2 episodes of season 1. I prefer to watch this sort of reality TV. I'm was also a big for of Cops back in the day.

I find the human dynamic of people trying to help others while the people being helped are some times their own worst enemy. The academic tutor is a loveable nitwit that thinks she's helping these players while at the same time they are getting over on her big time. Either she is very naïve or extremely clueless. The head coach comes off like a Bobby Knight wanna be. I know these shows are edited for maximum drama but even without the edits there doesn't seem to be a lack of drama at all levels.

I did some net research on the school. That community college has sent 17 players to the NFL. That is an amazing accomplishment.

I'm looking forward to watching some more episodes.