Let's Get This Straight: A Christian Can't Be Trusted to Speak to Marines ... Because He's Christian?


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Last week, the Marine Corps canceled a training session about the Battle of Gettysburg because the instructor is — get this! — a Christian who takes his faith seriously. Air Force veteran Jay Lorenzen, who taught political science at the Air Force Academy for 12 years and currently directs the High Ground at Gettsyburg Conference, had previously given trainings on Christian leadership. The militantly secular Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) sent a letter complaining about the training, and the USMC immediately caved.

Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) told Fox News he was “appalled” by the USMC’s “willingness to quickly cave to [MRFF President] Mikey Weinstein’s atheist demands to eradicate Christianity from our military.”

“While the Department of Defense has a long history of willfully ignoring the religious freedom of its service members, banning a former Air Force Academy professor from leading a Marine Corps training because of his Christian beliefs is absolutely unconscionable,” Collins added.



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Hmmm, and the Führer frequently denounced his Reichmarine branch because they balked at removing the Lutheran chaplains. Hmmm, its so nice to see the Atheists have such fine company.