Leverage: Redemption


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You know, I did love the original show when it was on. I didn't realize it, but it ran for six seasons. There WERE episodes where the cons were a LITTLE far-fetched, and Eliot's unbelievable prowess as a "hitter" would terrify Conan, Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris COMBINED. I think - in the pilot - he takes out four goons before their suitcases they were holding hit the floor. There were situations where I realized - um - THAT technology does NOT exist, NO ONE knows that much about criminals, NO ONE can read people that well and some of those fake personas would fool NO ONE.

Still, it was fun.

IMDB TV brought it back - for 8 episodes. The "team" has lost Nathan Ford (Timothy Hutton) and for all practical purposes, Hardison (Aldis Hodge) their hacker genius because he leaves after the opener (which is two episodes) to be replaced by his little sister. Everyone else appears to have AGED poorly - had I not seen them together as a group, I might not know who they were, individually. The cons are - ok. I still think most of these types of shows demonstrate computer prowess that I don't think exists in the real world.

I watched them all in just a few days, not realizing I'd reached the end. It was fun. TV shows and movies with the word "Redemption" tend to indicate a last hurrah. A final shot before disappearing. Ah well. I liked it.