Login (or Register) using your Social Media account


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One of the many new features is the ability to login (and/or register) using one (or more) of your social media accounts.

I'm on Google and Twitter all day, every day. So, I linked those 2 services to my David account. Then next time I come to the site and need to login, I can press either the Google or the Twitter button on the login form, and if I'm already logged in to that service, I am automatically logged into the forums.

If you want to link your account, click on your username at the top right of the page and on the drop-down menu, select Connected accounts


Then just click on the service you want to use and it will ask you to login and authorize the connection. The services already connected will be so indicated and there will be a link to disconnect it.

The process to register for a new account is similar. Just click on the service you want to use during the registration process.

Please note that when registering, the respective service does not reveal your email address to our system. That's why it will ask you to enter an email address. You do not have to use the same one you used for respective service. Please be sure to specify a valid email. Our new system automatically handles undeliverable email. After so many bounces, you get disabled. This is primarily to prevent our server from earning a bad reputation by constantly sending email to invalid email addresses.