Looking for a Chicken Coop


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I found a reasonably priced coop

The coop is $460 which might seem like a bit, but it suits me perfectly. I only have half an acre so a i wasn't looking for a huge coop. I already had 3 hens and with the 2 I was provided with the coop they all fit very nicely in our new coop. The coop has a wire bottom which is essential with all these darn fox and raccoons!!! The party I love the most is that it's easily movable! It has wheels so i can relocate it around my garden and get that great fertilizer everywhere. Sorry if i'm sounding like a salesman but i'm just so happy with my purchase. Here is the website if you'd like to take a look.

Buy A Locally Made, Sturdy, Hand-Built Chicken Coop in Maryland Northern Virginia and Washington D.C.