Luantics, right next door. And police are minutes away....


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Whatever happened to him and Leonards Grant?
Was he as looney IRL or just online?

BTW, wonder how lazy Thomas was when firing at his roof, did he simply shoot into his ceiling or did he go to the atttic and shoot.

I'm voting on the former.
Was that the radon guy?


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Radon, destroyed dishwasher with a bat (video), kids playing ball, video UPS or Fedex running thru stop sign, the cat strolling thru his front yard, I can't remember what else.
I missed a lot, I only remember the radon and cat.


Another reason to own a gun or 10 always I repeat always answer your door with a gun you never know what a stranger is going to do..A year ago around 10pm a man walked up as I was closing my garage door and was asking a bunch of questions I asked him to leave and he hesitated it was then I pulled out my pistol from its holster and he got the message as he just walked away got in his car and left I live in a very rural area so you never know