Man Asks If He's Wrong


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For Refusing To Take Girlfriend To Fancy Restaurants When She Only Eats 'Little Kid Food'

In his post, he wrote that his girlfriend was extremely selective about what she ate, apparently refusing to eat any “non-American food.” In comparison, he described himself as an “adventurous” eater.

He called her eating habits ‘childish’ and ‘kind of embarrassing.’​

The man was annoyed that his girlfriend would order the same food wherever they went, complaining that if she wanted chicken tenders they could just make some at home. They ended up getting into an argument, as the girlfriend interpreted his attitude as him thinking that she was childish and that he was better than her.

What bothered him the most was that he would typically pay for their meals, and he felt like it was a “waste of time and money” to go out and order something that they could easily make at home.

The top comment on the post stated that although it seemed silly of the man to be embarrassed by his girlfriend’s eating habits, they didn’t see the point in going to an expensive restaurant to order chicken fingers and fries.

If that is how he really feels about her eating habits, he needs to leave



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Sometimes it's the experience and ambiance of the restaurant that makes the evening, not so much the food, and that she likes to share it with company.

But if it bothers him that much, they probably shouldn't be together.


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I find myself turning up my nose when someone I'm with orders spaghetti. Really? That is so easy and cheap to make at home.

Guess I need to check my cooking privilege at the door.....


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I would never date someone who had a limited number of things they ate, especially if they were chicken tenders or some boring thing like that. What happens when I want Korean food, which I frequently do, and there's nothing on the menu he'll eat?

That said, she *can* make chicken tenders at home but then she has to actually make them. Which is a PITA and they're never as good as the ones you get at the place. And sometimes you just want to go out to eat. I can make pretty much anything a restaurant would serve, but I don't want to cook it myself - I want them to cook it for me so all I have to do is eat it.

Both the people in OP are turds.


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I had a roommate like this. He would only eat about five different foods. PERIOD. If it wasn’t one of those dishes he refused to eat it.

He had a good heart - but he was infantile. Extremely immature. Usually this lack of willingness to try new things is a red flag for me. It’s not the eating a few items - it’s usually an indicator of other things as well.