Man Smears Hotel Room with Vaseline



Authorities caught up with Chamberlain at another motel, where they say they found him smeared from head to toe in Vaseline. He was jailed on a charge of felony criminal mischief.
I'd say this qualifies as snapping....:biggrin:


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He probably was just trying to ensure that his evening date didn't get stuck when trying to squeeze her way out the door. I believe we have a forum member or two who can attest to this method. :bubble:

I thought it would be the other way around--the guy would be coming on to her, and he wouldn't want Vaseline in the room because that would help the girl's escape from his lewd clutches.

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Charges Stick in Motel Petroleum Jelly Case

Binghamton, N.Y. - It looks like the charges will stick in a bizarre case of Vaseline vandalism in Binghamton, New York.

A Fairfax County
Virginia man is accused of covering virtually every surface in a motel room with petroleum jelly.

A grand jury Thursday indicted Robert Chamberlain on a charge of felony criminal mischief in connection with last spring's incident.

He was arrested after a cleaning crew discovered the TV set, furniture, carpeting and everything else in Chamberlain's motel room had been slathered with petroleum jelly.

Police say when they tracked him down at a nearby motel, Chamberlain was covered from head-to-toe with the stuff.

A manager at the Motel Six says it took more than a month to clean up the mess. :yikes:</B></STRONG></SPAN></B></STRONG></SPAN>