March: The Beginning of Marzen Beer


Beloved Misanthrope
'March beer' once lubricated Munich's famous fall fest, now found year-round only in US

American beer drinkers keep alive traditional Old World styles abandoned by European consumers

Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, the world’s most famous fall beer bash, first germinated in the cool brewing season of spring.

And the best place to taste its original, strong, amber-colored beer is not in Bavaria in autumn.

It's here in the United States 12 months a year.

"There are a lot of traditional beer styles that are more popular in the United States than they are in their original sources in Germany or elsewhere in Europe," Brett Peruzzi of Massachusetts, owner of Peruzzi Communications and beer columnist for Yankee Brew News, told Fox News Digital.

Oktoberfest beer is perhaps the most notable among them.

Then of course... Oktoberfest girls

American beer consumers, the beer executive said, want to consume the traditional Bavarian beer year-round – even as Bavarian consumers have shed their own world-famous beer-making legacy.