Attorney General Maryland to Join Lawsuit Challenging Restrictions on Abortion Drug Mifepristone

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BALTIMORE, MD (March 3, 2023) – Attorney General Brown will be joining a lawsuit challenging the current restrictions on prescribing and dispensing the medication abortion drug, Mifepristone. With efforts around the country to erect obstacles to accessing abortions, including the likelihood that a Texas court may soon attempt to deny access to Mifepristone nationwide, the Attorney General will join other states across the country in fighting back to protect access to this important medication. No person should be denied access to medication abortions, and depriving someone of this option will be especially devastating to overburdened and rural populations where other abortion services are more difficult to obtain.

“We will fight to preserve access to medication abortion here in Maryland,” said Attorney General Brown, “and we stand with people across the country to protect their equal right to access the full range of abortion and reproductive health care.”