Mass Shootings


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Half Moon Bay used to be a sleepy little hamlet. We went for pumpkins and Christmas tress when I was a kid. And horseback riding on the beach. I guess it's now big city life and crime.


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7 Chinese Farm Workers Killed in Two Related Shootings in Northern California

The shootings occurred at Mountain Mushroom Farm and Concord Farms, about 30 miles from San Francisco. Police received a call about an active shooter at around 2:20 p.m. local time and responded to Concord Farms, where they found four victims deceased as the result of gunshot wounds, and one critically injured. That individual was transported to Stanford Medical Center with life-threatening injuries.

The second shooting happened less than three miles away at Concord Farms, where police discovered three additional victims who had died from gunshot wounds. The victims were all Chinese farm workers, according to Councilmember Debbie Ruddock.

The suspect, who has been identified as 67-year-old Half Moon Bay resident Zhao Chunli, was apprehended without incident after police discovered him in his vehicle in the nearby parking lot of the sheriff’s office substation. Police say he was in possession of a semi-automatic handgun when he was taken into custody.

Don't let Chinese have guns . :rolleyes: