McDonalds promotion


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If there is one thing I have noticed about ANY of the restaurants in this area it is that they NEVER participate in the "chain advertised" sales or offers. Typically it is a different pricing. Like when Taco Bell does the $5 box meals but our local biz has it for $5.99


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So if you have Canadian coin, you get some Canadian bacon?

Or yen gets you a fish stick?
Man I was drooling all over my keyboard at the prospect of dropping half an Egyptian pound (about 3 cents US) on one of these:

Grand McExtreme Bacon Burger (Spain): A quarter pound of fresh beef, thick cut Applewood smoked bacon, smoky McBacon Sauce, Gouda cheese and onions served on a toasted sesame seed bun.
But no joy...stand a better chance of scoring some heroin at the LP store than something from a national promotion. ;-p


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These kids can't count U.S. money and someone expects them to be able to exchange foreign currency?

Oh, and if you go to Solomons I'm sure the milkshake machine will still be "broke".
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I have some coins from back in the day. Some of those places no longer exist or they use different money today. I like having them as a momento to my travels.


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My wife went around Waldorf yesterday....only the Mall McDonalds participated and it was only two of the 4 items.
i saw teh promotion on leanardtown rd waldorf.. i missed it though. was looking forward to getting a nice burger for a worthless coin. oh well.