MDA Collects 17 Tons of Empty Pesticide Containers


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MDA Collects 17 Tons of Empty Pesticide Containers for Recycling This Year

Program Encourages Proper Disposal to Protect the Chesapeake Bay

ANNAPOLIS, MD (Nov. 20, 2008) – The Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) offers empty pesticide container recycling programs for farmers, golf courses, government agencies and commercial applicators and unwanted pesticide disposal programs for farmers. Both of these programs are offered free of charge and are paid for through special fund revenues collected from licensing and certification fees and through pesticide product registration fees.

“These beneficial pesticide recycling and disposal programs help to protect the Chesapeake Bay by removing potential contaminants from the environment through proper disposal,” said Agriculture Secretary Roger Richardson. “MDA encourages farmers and others who are eligible to participate in these programs, which are offered free of charge.”

Each year since 1993, MDA has operated an empty pesticide plastic container inspection and collection open to the public in at least seven locations statewide from June through September. In addition, 11 pesticide dealer sites participate in the program. During 2008, 42,370 containers, weighing 17.3 tons, were collected from 124 participants. The pesticide containers are collected, chipped, processed and remanufactured into new pesticide containers by a contractor hired by the pesticide manufacturing industry. Since the program began, MDA has collected 567,000 empty pesticide containers weighing more than 238 tons for recycling.

This year’s pesticide container recycling program operated in Caroline, Carroll, Frederick, Harford, Kent, Prince George’s, Queen Anne’s, Talbot, Washington and Wicomico counties.

Additionally, since 1995, MDA has collected more than 170,000 pounds of unwanted and banned pesticides that are disposed of by incineration at an EPA licensed hazardous waste incinerator plant. In 2008, MDA collected 20,500 pounds of pesticides from 14 farm sites.

The Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA) manages the use of pesticides through regulatory and educational programs for private (farmer), public agency and commercial pesticide applicators that operate in Maryland to ensure that pesticide are used properly and that adverse effects from their use are avoided or minimized. For more information, visit:


Hazardous Waste

Even if you bring your empty paint cans, pool chemicals, etc to the hazardous waste disposal day at the dump; think of how your helping the environment by NOT randomly throwing it away. It may sound basic but not everybody does it (sadly).

Even minor recycling has MAJOR affects on the environment (for the good).

Someday we'll be using our trash to power our homes and it'll be 2nd nature to separate our waste.