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Popeyes cartoons, especially before WWII, are pretty neat. Its not the content, but the background illustrations in the cartoon. The art deco buildings , classy cars, slang terminology etc... I am surprised that in todays PC environment, some are still allowed on television. Yes, I know many many are banned and lost forever. For instance, this morning, Popeye was in India or some other Middle East Country. A Prince or Sheik was smoking something in a hookah pipe...he had a sinister, snakelike face and missing teeth....Oh My!!!! He rubbed the magical lamp and a gay Genie popped out.... Oh My!
Sweetpea had a tattoo on his arm??? Was he Popeyes kid??? Oh No!!
Betty Boop was quite the sex symbol huh?
I dont remember the significance of any of this when I was gulping down my Cheerios before school . It probably didnt to our parents in their youth either... IF they even had access to a "movie house"...


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Yeah, given the distro back then, those comics had to operate on two levels, as it was of course a family affair, my Dads (born in 1926) family in Alabama had the monthly trip to the movie house, where you got the cartoons, and the newsreels, and then the movie.


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I was surprised to learn that color wasn't invented until the 6th season of the Andy Griffith Show.