Michelle Obama


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We watched the Becoming documentary the other night - it's an "I love me" movie about Michelle's book tour.

Towards the end she starts whining about how bad the media treated her.




Anyway, #1, the media largely kissed her ghetto bootay.

#2, hey Michelle! Try being Melania Trump for just a few days.


I want to like her. I find her likeable when she's not being a racist Black Power ahole. So I'm watching this doc and enjoying it, and like a needle scratching a record she goes into this absolutely tone deaf pityfest.

Of course then I remembered that she was an ahole to Melania when they met after the election and Melania brought her a gift. All ghetto headjuke and "WTF am i supposed to do with this??" She described it on Ellen and they had a good meangirl guffaw at Melania's audacity in bringing her a present.

So you guys were right. She's an ahole and now I can't stand her.