Microsoft, Is Out To Get Conservatives’: Jim Jordan


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Jordan then argued that “Microsoft is exerting editorial control over user-generated content in its word processing program, Microsoft Word,” writing that “Microsoft Word’s ‘Ideas in Word’ tool urges users to avoid language that Microsoft dislikes and instead to adopt language Microsoft considers to be appropriate and ‘gender neutral.’”

“Not only is this censorship Orwellian, but given Microsoft Word’s vague terms of service — which prohibit any ‘hate speech’ or ‘offensive language’ as defined by Microsoft — this censorship creates the potential for Microsoft to prevent users from generating certain content on Microsoft Word altogether,” Jordan wrote.

“It is unclear why Microsoft has avoided significant attention from House Democrats,” stated Jordan. “The Democrats’ investigation excluded Microsoft from significant oversight and the Democrats’ recently introduced bills include a definition of a ‘covered platform’ that could be read to exclude Microsoft. In fact, Rep. David Cicilline, the lead Democrat drafter of these bills, told Bloomberg that ‘it would be up to the Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission to make that determination.’”

‘Big Tech, Including Microsoft, Is Out To Get Conservatives’: Jim Jordan Slams Democrats For Shielding Microsoft From ‘Antitrust Scrutiny’