Military Spouse Appreciation


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Every day should be Military Spouse Appreciation Day, the same as every married person should appreciate their better, or worser, half.


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Back when Bush 41 was president, he was traveling a lot and those of us at White House Comm were gone a good deal of the time - he was traveling more than any president before him had. One year Barbara Bush held a breakfast at Andrews AFB to thank all our spouses for their support. I think my husband was the only male spouse there, and I sweet talked them into sending an invitation to my kids' babysitter, as she was a huge part of our support system when I was gone nearly 200 days TDY that year.

I know it meant a lot to all of the spouses; Mrs. Bush was such a class act, and it was very kind of her to acknowledge spouses. From what I remember, my husband said she made a point of speaking to everyone there.

Military spouses sacrifice so much - moving around and having little say in where they're going, lousy military housing, lousy pay, uprooting their kids, being without their spouses for long periods of time, the worry when their loved one is deployed....I don't know how they do it. Takes a special person to put up with it all! Hats off and a big thank you to all military spouses.