MOLES!!! I HATE THEM! I want to make them all into guacaMOOOLE... for my cat that is.


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aps45819 said:
One of those little hamster water bottles with anti-freeze in it will make them all die. Make sure you cover the bottle (stuck down in the tunnel) with a bucket so your pets can't get at it.

I don't know what is cuter- a hamster or a mole. :getdown: I've never actually seen a mole in my yard before. I guess you begin to notice them more if they're destroying your garden, though.

Capture the moles and put them into your enemy's yard. You can make it a challenge. You need a couple of things: 1) A comically large mallet and 2) a cage


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Shakezula said:
probably eaten everything I planted last fall, and it isn't even spring yet! :(

Is anyone else having this problem?

(probably not, they probably all congregated into MY yard.)

Nope, moles are carnivorous, they will not eat any of your plants. However voles or other types of mice use these tunnels to eat bulbs.

What you need to do is get rid of the grubs.

Grubs are Japansese beetle young. DO NOT USE the Japanese beetle traps that use phermones. They will catch a lot of Japanese beetles but they'll attract most of the beetles in your neighborhood. The ones that aren't caught by the trap will mate in your yard.

I used Milky spore last year but it takes over a year before you maximum effect. It's expensive too but it's supposed to keep on working for over a dozen years. I was told by the lady at Wentworth nursery to keep the receipt because it can actually increase the value of your home.