Momma kitten birthed kittens!


Adopt me please !
So we also have been busy with a MOMMA KITTEN that has 3 kittens that showed up under my shed a few weeks ago. I had Momma spayed a week ago, and the under weight kittens are scheduled for the 20th to be spayed/neutered.

Vet determined that Momma was 9-12 months old so had become pregnant at 5 to 8 months old OMG. We talk about this happening but to handle a case like this is awful because Momma is malnourished and had her growth stunted from being pregnant so young. The babies tiny to be 4 months old so are malnourished also. All will be available for adoption in a couple/few weeks. 2 kittens are medium/long haired.

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