Mount Etna in Italy erupts twice in 48 hours


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Did you have any input into naming the vessel?
She was originally built for service in the US Virgin Islands. And did run there briefly. But then she and three sister ships ended up in Malta and Greece....more good times...

The sisters ships were Sant Agata..Santa Maria and San Pietro...more suitable names for the staunchly religious Catholic Maltese owners.

Story time: Around 2003 or so, my oldest daughter, attending NYU at the time, and two of her best friends - all majoring in International relations - were trying to figure out where to go abroad for their summer break. They had Malta on their short me why. In any event, when informed of this, I said I'd contact my friends that I'd made there and see what could be arranged for their visit. Long story made short..they were provide unlimited limo service from the time they arrived on the island....a luxury waterfront apartment connected to the gambling casino that cost them $16/day ferry travel back and forth to Sicily..and a free volcano viewing tour to visit Mt. Etna while in Sicily.

Suffice to say..the owners of Virtu Rapid and Virtu Steamship Co, Malta, appreciated the help we provided in getting them off and running. Today, they are the largest fast ferry operation in the Med.
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I was working out of Malta supporting a high speed ferry operation that connected to various Sicilian ports. Late 1980s or early 90s.. We'd overnight in Catania on some runs. Etna was quite active at the time and every morning we had to gather crew to clean the black ash/grit off the nice white decks and superstructure of the ferry. Good times though.

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My middle niece was born in Sigonella in 1989 - sister couldn't make it in time to Naples. BIL was stationed there from 88 - 91 (I think) They lived out in Agrigento