MVA With Entrapment - Oakville


Find em Hot, Leave em Wet
Loveville Rd @ Three Notch Rd. Reported one trapped

1231; MSP on scene, confirming entrapment with a vehicle overturned
1231; MSP requesting the helo
1231; Chief 7 advises start the helo
1232; Engine, rescue engine, BLS ambulance and ALS en route
1232; Additional squad en route.
1233; Chief 7 and 797 on the scene. Chief 7 with the command
1235; Trooper 7 with a 10 minute ETA
1236; Command requesting two more ambulances
1236; Extrication advises no entrapment, just laying on the roof
1237; Extrication advises Category A, Priority 1
1238; Patient has been extricated, returning Squad 1
1241; Holding P/A 388 for the additional ambulance. Returning the other two.
1242; S/B lanes shut down, about to land helo
1243; Trooper 7 is on the ground
1251; Trooper 7 in the air, en route to PG
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