NASCAR NASCAR Championship Race , Sunday 6 November 3PM on NBC at PHOENIX


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I am a #9 fan. I would have loved anyone to win other than the #22. But he had the best car in the last race. See ya in February.
I wish Joey would've done his magic when driving for JGR in that Orange Homedepot20 Car πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
Hope you join us in February when we resume again . If you been following us , gotta see how simple & easy it is .Pick Top 5 & SIT BACK 😊😊😊🏁


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CONGRATS TO AJ., he really made it hard for the rest of us. He got off to a fast start and then pretty much coasted to the win the rest of the way. THANKS HOMIE for keeping tabs on the results and points. This fantasy started in 2008 I would have thought it was before that.

Well its discouraging to see Elliott crash and then to see the pit crew on 20 screw up on that pit stop. The 20 car was beginning to pick up some momentum and I thought it might have a chance. Its awful to be completely shutout of points on all 3 of my teams.
Well have to wait till next year for my 6th Championship win.