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Am I the only one watching the tournament?  I love college ball and can't wait for Maryland to destroy Siena tonight!  
Did anybody catch the Kanasa game last night?  For a few minutes I thought my pool entry was destroyed!  Just for the record I predicted the UNCW upset eventhough my husband told me I was crazy for picking them!  One point for me!  (Sorry I am still gloating because I had 12 wins last night where my husband only had 10). :dance:


My Sweetest Boy
Nope,  you are not alone!  Husband and I are watching (and betting) too!  Maryland really stuck it to Wisconsin last night.  And, how bout them Salukis???


The Original Lilly
That was definately a great game - I agree!  And how about Dixon's record?  Definately deserved I say.  I am not doing wo well in my pool anymore :bawl: but I still have a chance to jump back if my Final Four come down (MD, Duke, Kansas, and Arizona).  I think the Cinncinati game hurt everyone so hopefully I will recover (but oh so doubtful).

Larry Gude

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"Here we go Maryland, here we go!!!"

For two years, the Blake, Dixon and Baxter Show has been THE most exciting thing in team sports in the entire world.

Shoulda beat Puke last year, won't have to this year.

Just with Mouton playing HUGE D against the others guys star, Wilcox losing his mind and Drew off the bench, man...Can they do it???

Wifey hates it when it's Turtle Time. I go nuts...I stand right in front of the TV the whole game, yelling at Stupid Billy Packer the Turtle Hater (that's his full name) and I jump up and down, scare the cats, the kids leave the room and I get that "look", that "I can't wait for football because then there won't be any cheering" look from my honey.

She's so patient. And pretty. And smart. And...10:00pm, baby. Time to skin some 'Cats. Wildcats, that is.

"Here we go, Maryland, here we go!!!" BOOM BOOM

Larry Gude

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Go Terps!

So, Mr. Packer, at 32 seconds left, you're congratulating Tubby Smith and what a great job he did with his team this year (the one losing to Maryland by 7).

Then, at 29 seconds left, you're talking about how the U Conn/Maryland game earlier this year, which the Terps won by 15 or so, doesn't matter because U Conn has grown so much and gotten better (Kentucky was now down by 9 and U Conn is next up for the Terps). I guess Maryland’s been at the beach?

Packer is embarrassing to his profession. His Terp bias is really getting silly. As a last gasp he talked about the kid named Prince for Kentucky who had just fouled out and his 41-point game. Not this game, mind you, his previous game.

I truly wonder if, God forbid, packer gets to do the final and if Maryland has made it that far if he could force himself to say “Oh, by the way, great coaching, Gary Williams and great playing Terps!”

He’ll probably bring up the Duke/Kentucky game from a couple years ago. He brought it up 4 times tonight by my count.

Go away.


The Original Lilly
Larry Gude on 4:16 pm on Mar. 22, 2002[brWifey hates it when it's Turtle Time. I go nuts...I stand right in front of the TV the whole game, yelling at Stupid Billy Packer the Turtle Hater (that's his full name) and I jump up and down, scare the cats, the kids leave the room and I get that "look", that "I can't wait for football because then there won't be any cheering" look from my honey.

I used to be that way too!  When my husband and I first got married it was bad - "You mean basketball is on again!  Didn't we just watch this last night?  What do you mean tournament!"
Football was even worse - "But the Redskins game is OVER!  Why are you still watching football?  What do you mean they are in the same Division?"

But then I learned a valuable lesson - It is much easier to watch the games than to complain every Sunday for the rest of my life!  And you know after awhile I actually started to enjoy sports and now I am just as crazy as my husband.  It is my opinion that most of the wives who hate the games either have never tried to actually watch them or thier husbands don't want them to because next thing they know they will want to go out drinking with the boys too!


Nothing to see here
Well, Barb, judging from the prevailing opinions in the SOMD forums, its either genetic or our lack of sophistication. :)


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Otter, that would be your <i>surprising</i> lack of sophisitication. :lol:

Here's what I find amusing:  Larry's all jumping up and down, cussing and yelling, cheering and whooing over some sports thing.  However, he makes fun of me for even wanting to <i>watch</i> the Oscars, let alone if I were to be whoopin' and hollerin'.  

Last night he was in the bedroom watching the game and the girls and I were right below in the diningroom having dinner.  Something exciting must have happened because he started jumping around and the chandelier almost came down!  Put out two of the lights!  Yet later on, when LOR won for best cinamatography and we were all going, "Yesssss!" he said, "You guys are geeks."

Larry Gude

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That is a completely inaccurate misrepresentation of the facts!

I am all for you watching the stupid Oscars and getting excited over whom won what and whom got screwed. I just don’t see the reason for all the emotion. I mean, it’s part of the game. The judges make a call and you live with it. Big deal. Life goes on.

Now, as far as the CRAP officiating that went on in the regional final, well, let me tell you, THAT is the kind of garbage that gives me grey hair and makes my skin crawl, not to mention the electrical repairs. Them boys didn’t put out all that effort and practice, not to mention the work of the coaches (unlike reading lines and pretending to care like an actor/tress does) just to be put over a barrel by some middle aged Viagra junkie in jailbird stripes hoping for his aging momma to recognize his gaping, tweeter ridden maw from the front row of the Daisy Hill Old Farts Academy.

Do you realize what would have happened, where civilization as we know it would be if Blake doesn’t knock down the three after that horse crap no call when LB got damn near decapitated by Robinson going down the lane? Well, do you? I should say not.

If anything, Show Time what’s his face should have gotten at least honorable mention for impersonating a ref. Jeez.

Ken King

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Monday night will be the "Night of the Turtle".  The boys tried to give it up tonight when they squandered the 17 point lead.  Good thing the clock was on our side and Kansas had no clue about how many time outs they had left.   I believe that Maryland will smack Indiana around like Bobby Knight used to, prediction 86-78 Maryland.

Larry Gude

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Go Madame Cleo!

I'm getting nervous now and I'll be frothing by tip off! REAL good night for me NOT to be in public!

I'll go you one better...Maryland by 10+...(late free throws racking up as a gassed, beaten bunch O'Hoosiers get desperate)