Need a smile Southern MD?


R.I.P. My Brother Rick
This one is one of my favorites, reminds of pranks our workers play..

This made me think of the arcade on the boardwalk in O.C. years ago. There was this machine that was supposed to test your ability to withstand electric current. Of course it was fake but some people will believe anything.

I put my quarter in and noticed a crowd start to form behind me. I grabbed the two posts and the machine starts humming, and lights start flashing, and I start to writhe as if in pain. It gets louder, the lights get brighter, and I start to yell "I can't let go!".

People are screaming, kids are crying, and I'm laughing hard enough that it looks like I'm crying and then...

the ex-wife screams "Stop that you f-ing azzhole!'

I was asked not to come back until I sobered up.