New Dollar General Coming to Wildewood


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This just in from the Headline News:

Title: New Dollar General Coming to Wildewood

Date: 01-06-2017 11:40 AM

Summary: It's been a restaurant since the Wildewood Shopping Center first opened in 1989. Not anymore. The former location of DB McMillan's and before that Perkins Family Restaurant and several other iterations is being converted into retail/office space.

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Not sure who :gossip: is, but I'm a frequent DG shopper so I welcome the new store! :yahoo:

Me too. They know all of us by name by now.

Frankly, this is great for me. Cuts the distance to DG in half, and for my wife, it's to and from the way to work.

And I don't mind that the ugly blight that is the strip of land along Mervell Dean is going to be - altered.
Although I would like to see that awful house across from Brusters gone.


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It is going up in Hollywood, not Wildewood. Seriously, can we get some decent journalism? :rolleyes:

If you read the article in the County Times, you get the correct info. It is not poor journalism, but people who can't read and understand plain verbiage.