NEW entrance exam for police applicants...


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I hear there are NEW questions on the entry police officer entrance exam in Maryland.... yup, sure are.....

1) You are approached by a group of very angry BLM, yet peaceful activists that just set your police vehicle on fire. What is your best choice course of action:

A) shoot the group leader with your military style semi automatic assault pistol
b) Show them a picture of your black wife/husband/life partner
c) Show compassion that they are underserved and under represented and need a hug
D) Run

2) What is the proper pronoun for a 6'2" tattooed human, weighing 122 pounds, wearing a number 15 WNBA jersey, with "Griner" on the back:

3) You make a traffic stop on a car with no registration plates at 3am in a high crime area. The driver of the car has no identification but a tattered voter registration card from Georgia. He has a discarded DOC ankle bracelet hanging from his rear-view mirror. What if any, raises suspicion??