New Lost Generation


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Fast-forward a few generations, and we see a similar phenomenon. The generation now known as "Millennials" has been called many things: lazy, aimless, unwilling to settle down, and lacking direction. Sound familiar?

I am what many consider an older Millennial, in that I am just now entering my thirties. I see a lot of parallels between the Lost Generation of the 20th century and my own Millennial generation. While the original Lost Generation was a product of a war unlike any other and then an economic crash, the members of the "new" Lost Generation are slightly different. We all awoke to a new world on September 11, 2001, a world of war and terrorism, that gave birth to unease and fear that we had not seen before. Seven years later came the crash of 2008. With the fall of the housing market and the economy at large came new rules for the future of education and job prospects. Gone was the assurance of a good job after university, and gone was the idea of a stable 9-5 job that one could stay at until retirement.

Many Millennials like me were forced to become creative in order to gain the future that many of us would like. This creativity was (and still is) needed to get experience for jobs that suddenly were not as easy to get as previous years. Full-time jobs began to vanish, wages plummeted, and university tuition spiked as jobs began requiring degrees for positions that previously required no such thing.

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