New to the area, need to find a physician.


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I haven't read through all the posts, so this name may have already been brought up, but I see Diane Nichols in Family Practice at the Bean Medical Building in Hollywood, and she is really great in my opinion, and very easy to talk to.


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Dr. Schmidt does accept Blue Cross. She's our physican. Her office number is 301-997-0322. She has a CRNP as well.


Kdenise I sent you a pm. Hope you had a chance to read it as I sent you who I go to and her number. She is better than I wouldn't send my worst enemy to her crnp as she misdiagnosed me like 5x and I had to go somewhere else to get correct medical care as the receptionist always says is always busy to see a person who is a patient of hers that is why I now go to who i sent you.