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Blind man walks past a fish market, tips his hat and says "Morning, ladies!"

Women are paying $500 to get salmon sperm injected into their vaginas to boost sex lives​

These women will try any-fin to improve their sex lives.

Women are paying $500 to have salmon sperm injected into their vaginas to help their floundering sex lives.

“A lot of older women come to me and say they are not having any kind of sexual arousal anymore,” Amanda Azzopardi, an aesthetic nurse who runs clinics in London, Liverpool and North Wales, told the Daily Mail. “So, we do the ‘O-shot’ and they’re reporting stronger and more frequent orgasms increased natural lubrication, greater sexual arousal.”


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There's a joke there somewhere about God asking Adam where Eve was and his reply that she was swimming in the stream.


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Scratch London, Liverpool and North Wales off the vaca list. The Daily Mail seems to be full of strange news. What is hilarious is when people quote them as a viable news source.
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