Night skies Thursday???


Tom Roche

If you were unfortunate enough to be one of the apparent few that were awoken by the F16s that were scrambled from Andrews Thursday night, maybe you were just a tad bit interested in what was going on?

I hear there were eyewitness accounts that night and would like to hear what it was all about. The Feds seem content in stating there was nothing out there.

Normack in CO definitely saw something on the radar that morning and scrambled those jets.

Anyone know anything?


yeah yeah
I got the answer. A plane had come into the "red" zone persay and got to close to restricted areas. This is from the CMC of Pax river.


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Originally posted by watercolor23
This is from the CMC of Pax river.
Well, she said she got the info from the horse's :wink: so it must be true, right?