No wonder he won't release his college transcripts


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....oh man this guy is dumb...or he is convinced YOU are....there is no third option:

So...just to point out the stunningly obivous:

  1. No the economy is not is not also IS weakening...
  2. The Federal Reserve has two mandates...neither have anything to do with Trump or his re-election.
  3. A strong dollar helps those countries who export to us or who compete against us for trade with other countries.
    1. Note: given Dear Leader's tirade against all the "bad deals" we have made in the past and how every other country in the world is taking advantage of us on trade, Mr. Trump should want a weak dollar. BTW...Trump has never before expressed concern for the economic status of any other country.
  4. Reducing the Fed Rate (I wonder if Trump actually knows what this is) by 100 basis points would be inherently stupid and foolhardy.
  5. Adding quantitative easing to a 100% basis point rate drop is the type of thing the Fed should use only in "break the glass" conditions. Those do not exist.
    1. Trump's re-election possibilities are no reason...NONE...for the Fed to take any action.


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....oh man this guy is dumb...or he is convinced YOU are....
Man, you sure are fixated on Obama. You do know he's got a husband... wife... whatever, and that you have no chance, don't you?

Well, not unless he goes back to gay bath houses; then you might have a shot.
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