Obtaining Fresh Bait in St Mary's Cty

Capt Brady

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Several places in the county that sell fresh bait, the Tackle Box, Ricks Marine and Buzz's Marina , Blackbeard's and many more.

Everyplace has the usual : bloodworms, nightcrawlers,manoes, frozen shrimp and squid. All of these items are sold by a wholesale distributor who drives all over Md dispensing his products. These products have something in common, they all are relatively long lived and not highly perishable.

However there are a few places that go one step further and they work hard to provide, the freshest bait ,and ones that are difficult to maintain or perish quickly.

Today I visited a new fish/crab house that sells both wholesale and retail . It is located on Md Rt 235 in Ridge Md at the intersection of Freeman's Rd.

I spoke to the owner, Capt Paul Kellam, and reviewed with him, fishing bait that he keeps onhand. Live eels, this mornings catch from his pound nets of spot, fresh and wiggling peelers and soft crabs.

He was preparing to install, holding tanks for live spot.

I think serious bait fishing persons will have to check this place out. He also has hard crabs, and he cooks crabs, but you have to order those by phone beforehand.

P.H.Kellam Seafood (301) 672-0100


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:cheers: Thanks alot for the information. Live Spot, you say?
They are supposed to be very good used as bait, so I hear.

Capt Brady

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Oops ! Forgot an important point...

Paul menctioned to me that since he has his own pound nets, he can get bunker out of his nets in the morning and have it ground for you and placed into plastic bags inside five gallon buckets, for you to pickup, that same day, refrigerated not frozen.

This is about as convient and fresh as ground chum can be obtained without grinding it yourself.