Oh Kwillia!!! Heinz Is Threatening to Release 'Mayochup' Nationwide and the Internet Is Torn

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Heinz is threatening to release a new hybrid condiment in America and the internet is fiercely divided.

Heinz, a steadfast purveyor of condiments like ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise, is threatening to unleash a new hybrid condiment in America. In a tweet on Wednesday, Heinz asked the country if it's interested in "Mayochup," which is apparently a combination of mayonnaise and ketchup, and not merely Thousand Island dressed up in a portmanteau.

As the tweet shows, if 500,000 people vote "yes," Heinz will bring Mayochup to retailers nationwide. Currently, America is exercising caution, with the vote split pretty evenly among Mayochup adherents and others who know how to combine condiments on their own. After all, these are polarizing times. And as Twitter demonstrates, even condiments have the ability to highlight the vast cultural schisms gripping the world.

A Heinz spokesperson says Mayochup is only available in the Middle East's Gulf states, such as the United Arab Emirates. You can purchase your own bottles via an online retailer in Kuwait for around $4, and then pay an exorbitant shipping cost if you'd like to mail the condiment blend across the world. As for how the product differentiates from Thousand Island, Heinz explained the picayune details:

"Thousand Island dressing is typically 2 parts mayonnaise, 1 part ketchup. Heinz Mayochup is a 1:1 ratio," the spokesperson said.
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