Old Dominion Endurance Ride - Orkney Springs VA - June 13-15


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Riders and Horse Lovers, it is that time again in Orkney Springs, Virginia. The historic and famous Old Dominion Endurance Rides main event is just a few weeks away.

If you are a rider and are interested in competing please use this link:
http://www.olddominionrides.org/ to find the entry forms and much more. There is a lot of information on the web site. Please visit and check it out.

I want to mention that this ride has a very doable 25 mile limited distance ride. If you are just getting into the sport or bringing along a green horse this is a pretty straight forward ride with only one serious climb. I used it as a first ride for a horse and it was easier than many LDs and CTRs that I have ridden.

I do some of the trail marking for this ride and clearing trails. I've ridden most of the 100 miles of trails. Yes, most of the trails are rocky and four shoes or four boots are required by ride management. Pads are a good idea for the 500 and 100 mile distances.

If you have been meaning to learn more about endurance riding the best way to see it all is to volunteer at an endurance ride. This is the one to come to! You do not have to be at the ride for all three days. The ride actually takes place on Saturday the 14th. If you can't stay overnight that is fine. There are many opportunities and jobs for volunteers. Scribing jobs with the ride veterinarians are still open, fantastic way to learn about endurance directly from the vets.

Volunteers get all your meals and free cabins/showers provided to you. You'll go home with the T-shirt. What a deal! Please email Karen Wade at: kew at shental dot net if you want to volunteer. This is a great way to learn about the sport and a super educational weekend.

Did I mention the tack vendors? There are always 3-5 endurance tack vendors at the ride, a rare opportunity to actually shop directly with these businesses instead of on-line. Tack, clothing and supplies for the trail rider is sold by these vendors.

Seriously, it takes a lot of volunteers to put on a 100 mile ride. At one of the major vet checks the rider's crews are not allowed in because of shortage of parking. That vet check uses all volunteers to run the vet check and help the riders with feed, water, sponging, horse holding etc. This vet check really lets you get involved with the horses and riders. The station head at this vet check is a neighbor and friend. He can always use more volunteers. Please contact Karen Wade about volunteering: kew at shentel dot net

If you have any questions about the ride, Old Dominion events, trails, etc just drop me an email at:
chicamuxen at hughes dot net and ask me your questions.

Bonnie Snodgrass