Omega 1 Engine


Just sneakin' around....
Came across some YouTubes describing a motor called the Omega 1. It splits the 4-cycle engine process into two separate processes which run concurrently in different chambers as a rotary. Very cool, very interesting. No seals, 4 bearings. There was a big marketing push about a year ago, a few talked about it, the designer and an investor sat in on a panel to describe it and showed a prototype demo running. 160hp at 35lbs, runs on almost any fuel, hydrogen preferred to minimize noxious gas emissions.

And then nothing. Kinda dropped dead, no updates. One YouTuber queried the company and they said to expect new info Q2 2023.

Commenters ripped it up after watching the prototype video saying it never really ran, that it was running on compressed air or an electric motor. Some kind of liquid was pouring out the front, but the exhaust was on the right side, so not water vapor from burning fuel. Not coolant, doesn't use any. Some believe it's oil being used to lubricate it, although it's not supposed to use any oil.

Pretty disappointing after so much hype. If they were able to actually pull this off, it would easily replace piston motors.

Anyone hear about this motor before? first I've seen it.

Original Promo Video:

Panel Talk:

Follow Up a Month Ago.


Power with Control
Maybe it's like the Wankel engine - brilliant design, but impractical for a handful of reasons.
Yep, I can't see that really living in the real world. No seals? Maybe clean enough on hydrogen. But that stuff just isn't viable, too hard to transport and dispense. You think EVs are struggling with infrastructure? Sheeeeeiiiiiiiit. You ain't seen nothing.