St. Mary's Co. On View Arrests/Warrants/Juvenile Referrals

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On View Arrests:

Drug Arrest- On July 17, 2021, Cpl. Pontorno conducted a traffic stop in the 22400 block of Three Notch Road in Lexington Park, and identified Kyle Matthew Kerig, age 19 of Leonardtown as the operator. Located in a plastic bag in Kerig's vehicle were suspected amphetamine pills. Kerig was arrested and charged with CDS: Possession-Not Marijuana. CASE# 36828-21

Kyle Matthew Kerig​

Assault/Drug Arrest- On July 17, 2021, Sgt. Tirpak responded to the 21600 block of Great Mills Road in Great Mills, for the reported assault. Investigation determined David Andrew Spears, age 32 of no fixed address, placed the victim in a headlock, and strangled the victim leaving visible injury on the victim. Spears also struck Sgt. Tirpak in the arm during the investigation. Located on Spears was a plastic baggie containing suspected K2/synthetic marijuana. Spears was arrested and charged with Assault 1st and 2nd Degree, and CDS: Possession-Not Marijuana. CASE# 36964-21

David Andrew Spears​

Alter Drug/Alcohol Test- On July 27, 2021, Dep. Salas responded to the St. Mary's County Detention and Rehabilitation Center in Leonardtown, for the reported altering of a drug/alcohol test. Investigation determined Casey Nicole Faulds, age 24 of Hughesville, attempted to alter a drug/alcohol test she was required to provide. Faulds was arrested and charged with Alter/Drug Alcohol Test. CASE# 38830-21

Casey Nicole Faulds​

Violate Protective Order- On July 27, 2021, Dep. Lawrence responded to the 20500 block of Treetop Road in Lexington Park, for the reported protective order violation. Upon arrival Deborah Lynn Jerdon, age 53 of no fixed address, was observed on the victim's property in violation of a valid court order. Jerson was arrested and charged with Violate Protective Order. CASE# 38801-21

Deborah Lynn Jerdon​

Drug Arrest- On July 28, 2021, Sgt. Delozier responded to the 22700 block of Three Notch Road in California, for reports of an individual causing a disturbance and acting in an unusual manner. Contact was made with James Aaron Bernard Barnes, age 41 of Lexington Park. Located on Barnes was a vial containing a brown liquid and several rock like substances (suspected heroin). Barnes was arrested and charged with two counts of Possession of CDS: Not Marijuana. CASE# 39008-21

James Aaron Bernard Barnes​


07/17/21- Amber Rosetta Joy, age 28 of no fixed address- Burglary 4th Degree, Trespassing, and CDS: Possession-Not Marijuana by Dep. Allebach# 392. CASE# 36927-21

Amber Rosetta Joy​

07/23/21- Serenity Faith Byrd, age 29 of no fixed address- Fraud/Person Avoid Identity, CDS: Possession-not Marijuana and CDS: Possession/Paraphernalia by Dep. Wynnyk# 352. CASE# 38012-21

Serenity Faith Byrd​

07/25/21- Tavares Antoine Sherman, age 47 of Lexington Park- Sex Offender/Fail to Register and Fail to Register/False Information by Dep. Bowling# 327. CASE# 48547-21

Tavares Antoine Sherman​

07/27/21- Winston Warren Smith, age 36 of Lexington Park- Driving While Suspended by Cpl. D. Smith# 297. CASE# 38740-21

Winston Warren Smith​

07/27/21- Jose Miguel Figueras-Gonzalez, age 42 of California- Failure to Appear by Dep. Westphal# 337. CASE# 38846-21 (No Photograph Available)

07/28/21- Alphonso Warren Brooks, age 26 of Mechanicsville- Fail to Register/False Information by Dep. N. Hill# 361. CASE# 38995-21

Alphonso Warren Brooks​

07/28/21- Timothy Patrick Hogan, age 29 of Great Mills- Driving Motor Vehicle on Highway Without Required License by Dep. N. Hill# 361. CASE# 38954-21

Timothy Patrick Hogan​

Juvenile Referrals:

07/13/21- Female, age 9 of California-Threat of Mass Violence by Cpl. Holton# 73.

07/22/21- Male, age 15 of California- Knowingly Drive Uninsured Vehicle, Operating Unregistered Vehicle, Attempt by Driver to Elude Police, and Driving Without a License by Cpl. Pontorno# 257.

07/25/21- Female, age 17 of Cobb Island- Rogue and Vagabond, Malicious Destruction of Property and Theft by DFC. Alvey# 275.

07/25/21- Female, age 16 of Hollywood- Malicious Destruction of Property by DFC. Hersh# 343.

Disclaimer: In the U.S.A., all persons accused of a crime by the State are presumed to be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. See: Additionally, all of the information provided above is solely from the perspective of the respective law enforcement agency and does not provide any direct input from the accused or persons otherwise mentioned. You can find additional information about the case by searching the Maryland Judiciary Case Search Database using the accused's name and date of birth. The database is online at . Persons named who have been found innocent or not guilty of all charges in the respective case, and/or have had the case ordered expunged by the court can have their name, age, and city redacted by following the process defined at