One quick report defeats an entire week of comrade posting


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Comrade GURPS has been on a tear recently, doing his propagandist best to defect the attention away from multiple mass shooting. As is typical of his Russian bot self, he has posted inane articles trying to muddy the water over the intent of the shooter in El Paso.

And this one report that came out yesterday and none of the ignorati who are sooooo concerned with facts bothered to post:

Texas shooting suspect told police he targeted 'Mexicans'
EL PASO, Texas (Reuters) - The suspected gunman accused of killing 22 people in a shooting rampage at Walmart in El Paso, Texas last weekend confessed while surrendering and told police he was targeting “Mexicans,” according to an El Paso police affidavit released on Friday .
That is it...end of story. Comrade GURPS can quit trying to tie this nutjob to some evil "democratic", "antifa", of "leftist" cause.

He didn't walk into Mar-a-lago to take out the rich. He didn't walk into a Lord and Taylors or Tiffanys. He didn't attack a government building.

The guy drove 650 miles...cased and then walked into a Walmart armed with a gun that no law abiding, moral or ethical citizen has need for and specifically targeted Mexicans. Now...where did he get that idea that Mexicans were his enemy?? Why did he choose the weapon he used? Because he could kill as many people as possible as quickly as possible.

This wasn't a shooting in a drug infested, crime riddled low income area. The victims weren't low life gangbangers or drug dealers that no one cares about.

The victims were the same average Americans who right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness was extinguished because a minority of Americans believe their right to own any damn weapon they want takes precedence over everyone else's rights.


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Not all illegal immigrants are Mexican.

The guy was very confused. He was also anti corporate. Wal Mart is very corporate.


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And this one report that came out yesterday and none of the ignorati who are sooooo concerned with facts bothered to post...
So the Reuters report focused on one statement the shooter made. We also have his "manifesto" which details quite a few other things (which Reuters, for whatever reason, chose not to address).

Sorry, but your comments are cherry-picking simply to pick a fight and insult. So let's run with that for a moment....

You seem to target solely Trump (and Trump supporters). By your logic this would mean that this is all there is to you: hatred focused on a single object.

Does that accurately describe you?

If not, shouldn't you extend the same logic to the shooter; that there is more to him than just this one statement?

But if so, would it be a stretch - for those you target in your rants - to be concerned?

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