Our RV mileage


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These are the things you do when you are stuck home. I went through all the service tickets for the RV. I purchases it used in 2007. It only had 2,958 miles on it. I did a few shake down camping trips in Maryland before heading out on a 3 month road trip to Alaska. In hindsight, I really didn't have enough behind the wheel time for the Alaskan adventure. But I shortened the learning curve quickly by being on the road 5 days a week for 4 weeks. ANyway here's the stats. The RV really doesn't spend a lot of time on the road. That isn't our goal. We have no intention of being road warriors. A slow roll down the road is more our style.

5/087,964 Up to Alaska
6/0910,200 Back from Alaska
4/1120,422 Up and down the east coast of the US
2/1222,708 Out to Indiana
5/1222,850 Indiana to Yellowstone
10/1226,743 Yellowstone to Florida
8/1427,864 Florida to SW Virginia to Maryland
5/1729,820 East coast travel Maryland to Florida back to MD
11/1731,792 Down to Florida
3/1934,718 Florida across the SE US to Texas
4/1935,232 Texas to New Mexico
3/2038,437 Arizona back to SE Texas

Right now our short term travel plans are on hold. There is no consistency among private campgrounds. So it's in our interest to stay put until things stabilize.

Often times we meet people in the campground that are true road warriors. In Arizona I met a guy who said his teen boys were driving him crazy. They drove from Maryland to Arizona in 3 days. That is a lot of time in the vehicle. No wonder why his kids were annoying the crap out of him. So his plan was to go back to Maryland, drop his boys off, then he was going to Cooperstown.

But his experience is not unique. Many people only have a week or 2 to get in as much vacation as they can. So they load up their rig and drive like their hair is on fire to get several states away. And out west the states are enormous. I'm super thankful we can take our time.