Out of all the closings


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My mom lives close by. I’ve offered to visit but she says no. :sshrug:
-Hey ma, want me to stop by this weekend.
*Not necessary dearie, but thanks.
-It's not an issue mom, we could have a nice dinner.
*I don't have anything to cook, let's do it another time.
-I could go shopping.
*You know what, I think we're not allowed to visit. It's the COVIDs you see, and i'm high risk.
-I'll cook, no need to crowd together. And I can bring some lysol wipes to clean up.
*Take the hint sweet cheeks, I got a hot date.


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I miss the Sunday brunch tradition that my daughter and I decided to start just as the pandemic hit. That and being able to attend Sunday services now that I have Sundays off.